Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week in review: Apple earnings, Steve Jobs’ health dominate the headlines

The following is a roundup of my stories from Investor’s Business Daily at and Click, IBD’s Tech Blog.

Robot company stocks jumped Friday. Intuitive Surgical and iRobot rose on heavy volume. (Jan. 21, 2011)

Devices running Google’s Android operating system will turn up the heat on Apple’s iPhone and iPad this year. (Jan. 19, 2011)

Steve who?
Apple’s stellar Q1 results and upbeat guidance help investors forget CEO Steve Jobs is seriously ill again. (Jan. 18, 2011)

Why Steve Jobs’ latest health scare should worry Apple investors. (Jan. 17, 2011)

Apple CEO Steve Jobs takes his third medical leave of absence in six years.
Questions about his future at Apple return. (Jan. 17, 2011)

Movie rentals sluggish at Redbox kiosks.
Business hurt by 28-day delay in renting new movies. Coinstar stock plunges. (Jan. 14, 2011)

Corporate PC refresh cycle isn’t even halfway done yet, Intel CEO says. (Jan. 14, 2011)

Flash memory chip maker SanDisk is benefiting from the growth of smart phones, tablets and SSD notebooks. (Jan. 13, 2011)

Intel posts better-than-expected Q4 results on strong server chip sales, which offset weaker PC chip sales. (Jan. 13, 2011)

Video game software sales across all channels flat to down 1% in 2010.
Activision’s “Call of Duty: Black Ops” was the year’s top-selling video game. (Jan. 13, 2011)

Personal computer shipments slow in Q4 and come in below Gartner and IDC forecasts. Tablets partially to blame. (Jan. 12, 2011)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

CES 2011: Tablets, smart TVs and Reese’s Minis

The 2011 Consumer Electronics Show is over, but my feet are still aching.
The ginormous tech trade show in Las Vegas attracted more than 140,000 attendees, including more than 5,000 media and analysts.
Vendors shows off scores of tablet computers, 3-D TVs and Internet-connected devices.
My personal favorites included iRobot’s new pint-sized Scooba 230 floor-washing robot, the Tivizen mobile digital TV receiver from Valups, and notebook PCs running Intel’s new second-generation Core processors. Those are three things I want to buy.
The 2011 CES had its share of oddities.
For instance, Reese’s launched a new candy at the show, Reese’s Minis, which are basically small chocolate peanut butter cups. They’re pitched as snacking candies because they’re unwrapped candies in a bag. Reese’s is part of the Hershey Company.

The following is a roundup of my CES stories from Investor’s Business Daily at and Click, IBD’s Tech Blog.

No surprise to anyone at CES this year, but attendance was way up. Tops 140,000. (Jan. 10, 2011)

Netflix is looking to go global. (Jan. 8, 2011)

Hollywood’s UltraViolet is a play for more download movie sales. (Jan. 8, 2011)

At CES 2011, “smart” is in and “green” is out with tech marketers. (Jan. 7, 2011)

Verizon uses CES to ballyhoo first phones and tablets expressly to run on its super-fast 4G wireless network. (Jan. 7, 2011)

Microsoft insists Windows is still in the smart phone race, and shows off some nifty features. (Jan. 6, 2011)

Netgear says this year is tipping point: Home networks will connect more consumer electronics than PCs, for first time. (Jan. 6, 2011)

Speedy new Core chips from Intel unveiled at CES. A big advance for personal computers. (Jan. 6, 2011)

LG Electronics is making TV remote controls that operate like Nintendo’s Wii video game remote. (Jan. 6, 2011)

Consumer Electronics Show gets under way with press events. Big themes include Internet TV, tablet computers to rival Apple’s iPad, 3-D TV and broadband mobile. (Jan. 4, 2011)

New floor-washing robot from iRobot is small enough to clean around toilets and other tight spaces.
(Jan. 4, 2011)

Samsung's booth at CES 2011 (top) and Reese's employees hand out candy samples.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Week in review: Tablet computers big at CES

The following is a roundup of my recent stories from Investor’s Business Daily at and Click, IBD’s Tech Blog.

Vendors to show off some 80 tablet computers at CES. But will any of them challenge Apple’s iPad? (Dec. 31, 2010)

Investor’s Business Daily chooses Netflix CEO Reed Hastings as CEO of the Year. (Dec. 31, 2010)

Freescale Semiconductor among the big techs looking to go public in 2011. (Dec. 31, 2010)

Can Netflix continue to soar as it transitions from DVDs by mail to streaming? Netflix and partners say yes. (Dec. 29, 2010)

Facebook merging with Google tops the list of the most audacious tech industry predictions for next year. Top 10 boldest tech predictions for 2011. (Dec. 27, 2010)

IBD’s Mining-metal ores group ranks No. 2 out of 197 industry groups. Top companies include BHP Billiton, Cliffs Natural Resources, Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold, Mesabi Trust and Southern Copper. (Dec. 23, 2010)

Adobe Systems regains some credibility with Wall Street with its Q4 earnings report. Adobe gives stellar outlook three months after disappointing results. (Dec. 21, 2010)