Saturday, January 26, 2013

Week in review: Robot doctors are coming

The following is a roundup of my stories from Investor’s Business Daily at

Yahoo, Amazon and Facebook to face Wall Street doubters. (Jan. 26, 2013)

Apple lags Samsung and other major smartphone rivals in Q4 unit shipment growth. (Jan. 25, 2013)

Microsoft shunned by consumers, but embraced by enterprises in the December quarter. (Jan. 25, 2013)

Robot doctors soon to make hospital bedside visits. FDA approves telemedicine robot from iRobot and InTouch Health. (Jan. 24, 2013)

Microsoft Windows 8 sales lacking; Company mum on Surface sales. (Jan. 24, 2013)

Apple joins Microsoft and Cisco Systems in slow-growth club. (Jan. 24, 2013)

Netflix “back on track” with Q4 results and Q1 guidance. (Jan. 24, 2013)

Windows 8 and Surface tablet sales key in Microsoft’s Q2 report. (Jan. 23, 2013)

Apple’s iPhone sales miss as company posts first earnings dip in nearly 10 years. (Jan. 23, 2013)

Apple’s Q1 earnings report to settle iPhone and iPad demand speculation. (Jan. 22, 2013)

Netflix’s Q4 international subscriber growth under microscope. (Jan. 22, 2013)

Photo: iRobot’s RP-Vita hospital robot.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Week in review: Apple stock down on investor worries about slowing sales

The following is a roundup of my stories from Investor’s Business Daily at

Apple iPad tablet demand falls off cliff, report signals. (Jan. 18, 2013)

Intel investors fret about rising capital expenditures. (Jan. 18, 2013)

Intel stock falls on tepid Q1 revenue guidance. (Jan. 17, 2013)

Taiwan Semiconductor boosted by mobile device demand. (Jan. 17, 2013)

Leap Motion’s PC controller jumps into Best Buy stores. (Jan. 16, 2013)

Electronics retailer Abt sees consumer interest in Ultra HD, or 4K, TV. (Jan. 16, 2013)

Apple scores British drama “Downton Abbey” for iTunes. (Jan. 16, 2013)

Intel outlook and CEO search in focus with Q4 results. (Jan. 16, 2013)

Microsoft Surface Pro tablet prospects iffy. (Jan. 15, 2013)

Samsung phones riding “explosive wave of momentum,” impacting Apple. (Jan. 15, 2013)

Apple stock has more room to fall, Nomura says. (Jan. 15, 2013)

Microsoft and Sony’s next game consoles could be cheaper. (Jan. 14, 2013)

Dell stock pops on private equity buyout chatter. (Jan. 14, 2013)

Tablets blamed for global decline of PC shipments. (Jan. 14, 2013)

Apple stock slides on iPhone 5 demand concerns. (Jan. 14, 2013)

Photo: Apple store in the Netherlands.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Week in review: CES 2013 recap

The following is a roundup of my stories from Investor’s Business Daily at

Ultra HDTV, 3D printers, high-end headphones big at CES 2013. (Jan. 11, 2013)

Boxee to expand distribution of newest set-top. (Jan. 11, 2013)

3D printers in limelight at Consumer Electronics Show. (Jan. 10, 2013)

Headphones are the new perfume for celebrities. Just as singers and actors have sought to get their own signature fragrances in recent years, many celebs now want to sell their own line of high-end headphones. (Jan. 9, 2013)

Qualcomm and Intel update their fastest mobile chips at CES. (Jan. 8, 2013)

Sony and Sharp focus on start of ultra HD TV era at CES. (Jan. 7, 2013)

Ultra HD TV expected to be highlight of 2013 CES, but no breakout new consumer electronics category expected. (Jan. 4, 2013)

Discovery Communications weighs entry into ultra high definition TV programming. (Jan. 4, 2013)

Photos (all by Patrick Seitz): 
A photographer snaps a shot of Panasonic’s new Viera TVs; 
MakerBot 3D printers at work; 
Lemmy Kilmister, lead vocalist and bassist for heavy metal band Motorhead, (center) introduces the Motorheadphones at CES 2013; 
The Winbot window-cleaning robot from Ecovac. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Week in review: Ultra HD television predicted to dominate 2013 CES show

The following is a roundup of my stories from Investor’s Business Daily at

Ultra HD television, or 4K TV, will be a CES highlight, but no breakout device is seen for upcoming consumer tech show. (Jan. 4, 2013)

Discovery Communications weighs entry into ultra high-definition TV. (Jan. 4, 2013)

Coinstar stock falls on CEO change at the Redbox parent company. (Jan. 3, 2013)

Apple predicted to launch Internet radio service. (Jan. 3, 2013)

3D printer maker 3D Systems to acquire software company Geomagic. (Jan. 3, 2013)

Microsoft buys home automation software firm, report says. (Jan. 3, 2013)

Mellanox stock falls on fourth-quarter sales warning and analyst downgrades. (Jan. 3, 2013)

Mellanox interconnect products aim to speed data throughput. (Jan. 2, 2013)

Apple iPhone 6 and iOS 7 being tested and a smart watch could be on the way, reports say. (Jan. 2, 2013)

Facebook, Apple, Katy Perry star in 2013 predictions. (Dec. 31, 2012)

2013 tech trends: slowing smartphones, speeding mobile payments. (Dec. 27, 2012)

Apple to manufacture Mac Mini computers in U.S., report says. (Dec. 27, 2012)

Marvell Technology vows to fight big patent verdict. (Dec. 27, 2012)

Marvell Technology Group loses patent case to Carnegie Mellon University and is ordered to pay $1.17 billion. (Dec. 26, 2012)

Digital gifting extends into Christmas Day. (Dec. 26, 2012)

Semiconductor sales outlook slashed for 2012 and 2013. (Dec. 26, 2012)

IRobot stock rises along with New England Patriots. (Dec. 24, 2012)

Photo: Samsung TV display at CES 2012 in Las Vegas. (Photo by Consumer Electronics Association.)