Saturday, February 28, 2015

Week in review: GoPro down, Apple up

The following is a roundup of my stories from Investor’s Business Daily at

GoPro stock digs a 6-month low on bearish comments. (Feb. 27, 2015)

Apple faces new patent infringement lawsuits after loss. (Feb. 27, 2015)

Apple Watch pitched more as fashion item than tech gadget. (Feb. 26, 2015)

Microsoft Windows to drop below 90% of PC market this year. (Feb. 26, 2015)

Head-up displays to expand beyond luxury cars. (Feb. 26, 2015)

“Patent troll” clobbers Apple with $532.9 million verdict. (Feb. 25, 2015)

Apple losing tablet share to Lenovo, “white box” vendors. (Feb. 25, 2015)

Adobe Systems stock has room to run, analysts say. (Feb. 25, 2015)

Pebble Time shows demand for smartwatches beyond Apple. (Feb. 24, 2015)

Apple stock slips on capital return concerns. (Feb. 24, 2015)

Lego buzz blocks Apple, other Oscar advertisers. (Feb. 23, 2015)

Apple stock hits new high on data centers, watch, car rumors. (Feb. 23, 2015)

Google shores up mobile wallet with carrier deals. (Feb. 23, 2015)

Intel, Nvidia take graphics chip share from AMD. (Feb. 23, 2015)

Discovery Communications stock in play after merger rumor. (Feb. 23, 2015)

Photos: GoPro cameras on dogs; actress Emma Stone holds a Lego Oscar.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Week in review: Apple stock soars to record highs on car rumors

The following is a roundup of my stories from Investor’s Business Daily at

Apple urged to develop personal robots. (Feb. 20, 2015)

Remote-control maker UEI tumbles on Q1 EPS forecast. (Feb. 20, 2015)

Apple stock has more upside, Goldman Sachs says. (Feb. 20, 2015)

Microsoft’s hybrid cloud strategy poised to pay off. (Feb. 20, 2015)

Apple stock hits record on possible dividend hike. (Feb. 19, 2015)

Apple Watch launch weighs on Fossil, Garmin. (Feb. 19, 2015)

Amazon Web Services leads, but Microsoft Azure catching up. (Feb. 18, 2015)

Game over for Xbox One; PS4 seen winning by big margin. (Feb. 18, 2015)

Consumers ready for drones to deliver pizzas, other goods. (Feb. 18, 2015)

FAA’s proposed drone regulations criticized. (Feb. 17, 2015)

Apple car rumors rev up stock price to new high. (Feb. 17, 2015)

Apple Watch leads make-or-break year for smartwatches. (Feb. 17, 2015)

Photo: Supermodel Candice Swanepoel wears the highly anticipated Apple Watch on the March 2015 cover of Self magazine.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Week in review: Apple stock hits new highs, GoPro goes to the dogs

The following is a roundup of my stories from Investor’s Business Daily at

Living-dead video game hit can’t revive overall game sales. (Feb. 13, 2015)

Alibaba subject of SEC inquiry about China probe. (Feb. 13, 2015)

Ambarella stock falls hard below key support level. (Feb. 13, 2015)

Apple mega-ecosystem could lead to $1 trillion market cap. (Feb. 13, 2015)

Expedia booking positive reviews for Orbitz buy. (Feb. 13, 2015)

“Soda Saga” game performs royally for King Digital. (Feb. 13, 2015)

Apple investors watching for next big thing. (Feb. 12, 2015)

Monotype hopes for sticky business with Swyft Media. (Feb. 12, 2015)

Apple stock drives higher on car rumor, Carl Icahn comments. (Feb. 12, 2015)

HP holds on to desktop workstation market lead. (Feb. 12, 2015)

Apple hits record high; Carl Icahn sets new price target. (Feb. 11, 2015)

CDW stock takes a breather after hitting record high. (Feb. 11, 2015)

Ambarella more than just a GoPro chip supplier. (Feb. 10, 2015)

Tech reseller CDW up on strong public sector sales. (Feb. 10, 2015)

Apple partners with First Solar on massive energy plant. (Feb. 10, 2015)

Amazon Prime users on par with Netflix users for streaming video. (Feb. 10, 2015)

Online coupon companies get clipped by investors. (Feb. 10, 2015)

How low can GoPro go? Stock continues to tank. (Feb. 9, 2015)

Microsoft does largest corporate debt sale of year. (Feb. 9, 2015)

Q4 no fluke: Apple iPhone 6 sales strength to continue (Feb. 9, 2015)

Photo: GoPro camera attached to dog with pet harness. (GoPro photo.)

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Week in review: GoPro earnings, Luddite awards, Kate Upton, Katy Perry

The following is a roundup of my stories from Investor’s Business Daily at

Automakers fuel record industrial robot orders. (Feb. 6, 2015)

Anti-Tesla Motors states win 2014 Luddite Award. (Feb. 6, 2015)

Redbox parent up on steps to return more green to investors. (Feb. 6, 2015)

“Call of Duty” maker combating foreign currency woes. (Feb. 6, 2015)

GoPro falls on gross margin forecast, lockup expiration. (Feb. 6, 2015)

GoPro guidance spooks investors, but Q4 beats. (Feb. 5, 2015)

Katy Perry tie-up adds fireworks to Glu Mobile stock. (Feb. 5, 2015)

Apple in talks with TV programmers for Internet service. (Feb. 5, 2015)

GoPro bringing action videos to Roku viewers. (Feb. 5, 2015)

Alibaba delivers tea by drone in China, beats Amazon. (Feb. 4, 2015)

Kate Upton shows Liam Neeson her special set of skills. (Feb. 4, 2015)

GoPro sell-off ahead of Q4 earnings report “overdone.” (Feb. 4, 2015)

“Grand Theft Auto” maker slays holiday quarter targets. (Feb. 4, 2015)

Netflix, Apple boost planned debt offerings. (Feb. 3, 2015)

Amazon, Sprint circling RadioShack retail locations. (Feb. 3, 2015)

Windows XP users stubbornly refuse to upgrade. (Feb. 2, 2015)

Sierra Wireless flies higher on stock upgrade. (Feb. 2, 2015)

Apple converts sapphire factory into data center. (Feb. 2, 2015)

Netflix bond issue gets another ratings downgrade. (Feb. 2, 2015)

Apple loses tablet share, prepping iPad Pro. (Feb. 2, 2015)

Photo: Kate Upton as Greek goddess Athena in the mobile game “Game of War: Fire Age.”