Saturday, December 22, 2012

Week in review: Microsoft Surface tablet sales weak, research firm says

The following is a roundup of my stories from Investor’s Business Daily at

All-digital Christmas gift guide for procrastinators. (Dec. 21, 2012)

“Wake up, Maggie,” home shopping networks are hot. Just ask Rod Stewart. (Dec. 21, 2012)

Apple reportedly prepping second-generation iPad Mini. (Dec. 19, 2012)

Microsoft has expanded the number of sales outlets for its Surface tablet, but demand for the Windows-based device remains weak, research firm says. (Dec. 19, 2012)

The Federal Trade Commission has expanded its rules governing children’s online privacy to include social networks and mobile apps. (Dec. 19, 2012)

Apple benefits as ITC judge voids Google patent. (Dec. 19, 2012)

Monotype looks to beautify the Web with new typefaces. (Dec. 18, 2012)

Apple investors shrug off legal setback in Samsung case; Stock rises. (Dec. 18, 2012)

Qualcomm surges to take No. 3 chip market share spot. (Dec. 17, 2012)

Apple insists iPhone 5 launch in China was strong. (Dec. 17, 2012)

Photo: Microsoft Surface tablet with keyboard cover.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Week in review: Google releases maps app for Apple iPhone

The following is a roundup of my stories from Investor’s Business Daily at

Apple stock falls on analyst reports and weaker-than-expected iPhone 5 sales in China. (Dec. 14, 2012)

Adobe stock up on faster transition to cloud software. (Dec. 14, 2012)

Adobe Systems posts better-than-expected fiscal Q4 results. (Dec. 13, 2012)

Netflix is becoming a “core service” for tablet owners. (Dec. 13, 2012)

Apple and four book publishers have agreed to ease e-book pricing restrictions on and other retailers to end an antitrust probe by European Union regulators. (Dec. 13, 2012)

Google releases map app for Apple’s iPhone and it quickly becomes the No. 1 free app on Apple’s App Store. (Dec. 13, 2012)

Video game console industry hits reset button. (Dec. 12, 2012)

Apple iPad sales could disappoint this quarter. (Dec. 12, 2012)

Adobe Systems stock advances on Creative Cloud growth. (Dec. 12, 2012)

Dolby Laboratories stock jumps on special dividend news. (Dec. 12, 2012)

Yahoo yodels about new email service, but investors yawn. (Dec. 11, 2012)

Apple stock climbs on iPhone 5 pre-orders in China and iTV speculation. (Dec. 11, 2012)

Liberty Interactive takes control of TripAdvisor. (Dec. 11, 2012)

Texas Instruments stock rises on in-line sales outlook. (Dec. 11, 2012)

WebMD prescribes job cuts to heal its finances after three straight unprofitable quarters. (Dec. 11, 2012)

Photo: Google Maps app for Apple iPhone and iOS 6 devices.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Week in review: Small tablets taking over; GameStop stocks Amazon Kindle Fire

The following is a roundup of my stories from Investor’s Business Daily at

Amazon Kindle Fire tablets being sold by GameStop. (Dec. 7, 2012)

Video game sales fall in November despite launch of Nintendo Wii U and Activision’s “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.” (Dec. 7, 2012)

Judge pleads for peace in Apple-Samsung patent dispute. (Dec. 7, 2012)

Apple and Samsung duel over U.S. patent case motions. (Dec. 6, 2012)

Apple’s iPad Mini and other small tablets are taking over the market. (Dec. 6, 2012)

Apple plans to make Macs in the U.S., also hits at possible TV. (Dec. 6, 2012)

Activision’s “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” video game breaks entertainment sales record. (Dec. 5, 2012)

Apple falls on profit margin worries and technical trading. (Dec. 5, 2012)

Apple shares slide on new investor concerns. (Dec. 5, 2012)

ARM Holdings is invading Intel’s turf with new chips. (Dec. 4, 2012)

Big-screen TV sales are hot, but low prices are crimping revenue. (Dec. 4, 2012)

Netflix’s movie pact with Disney is no Mickey Mouse deal. (Dec. 4, 2012)

News Corp. has pulled the plug on its “bold experiment” to create a digital newspaper for tablets, the Daily. (Dec. 3, 2012)

Launched with great fanfare in February 2011, News Corp.’s iPad newspaper app, the Daily, is being shut down. (Dec. 3, 2012)

Apple has “dramatically improved” its iPhone 5 supply. (Dec. 3, 2012)

Photo: 7-inch Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablet.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Week in review: Apple, Microsoft, other tech firms vie for holiday shoppers

The following is a roundup of my stories from Investor’s Business Daily at

Data security, high-speed networking and private cloud computing are top 2013 spending priorities for corporate chief information officers. (Nov. 30, 2012)

Google’s Android is crushing Apple’s iPhone among U.S. consumers. (Nov. 30, 2012)

VeriSign keeps .com registry, but loses price hikes. (Nov. 30, 2012)

Avago Technologies stock dips on weak Q1 outlook. (Nov. 30, 2012)

Apple iPhone 5 and new iPads set for China debut. (Nov. 30, 2012)

Dell bucks server industry trends by showing growth. (Nov. 29, 2012)

Microsoft’s Windows 8 could be hurting PC sales. (Nov. 29, 2012)

Microsoft’s Windows 8 fails to spark PC production. (Nov. 28, 2012)

Apple looks to boost desktop PC sales with new iMacs. (Nov. 27, 2012)

Apple iPad sales were brisk, while Microsoft Surface sales were slow during Black Friday and the opening weekend of the holiday shopping season. (Nov. 26, 2012)

Photo: Apple’s new iMacs for fall 2012.