Saturday, March 30, 2013

Week in review: Twitter turns 7

The following is a roundup of my stories from Investor’s Business Daily at

Twitter zinged for its Birthday Video; Yahoo and Wal-Mart also mocked in Friday Funnies. (March 28, 2013)

BlackBerry’s Q4 results fail to quell skeptics. (March 28, 2013)

BlackBerry surprises with Q4 profit; stock rises. (March 28, 2013)

AT&T and China Mobile lead 4G wireless spending spree. (March 22, 2013)

Photo: Twitter logo

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Week in review: Google joins Apple, Samsung in smartwatch fray

The following is a roundup of my stories from Investor’s Business Daily at

Google taken to the woodshed for killing Google Reader. (March 22, 2013)

Google seen joining smartwatch party with Apple and Samsung. (March 22, 2013)

Apple would be foolish to enter the declining TV market. (March 21, 2013)

Google’s YouTube hits 1 billion unique monthly users. (March 21, 2013)

Dell go-private offer nears key deadline. (March 21, 2013)

Cisco Systems, Juniper Networks fall on analyst downgrades. (March 21, 2013)

Hewlett-Packard board members re-elected; stock falls. (March 21, 2013)

Adobe Systems move marks end of packaged software sales. (March 20, 2013)

Adobe Systems cloud transition accelerating; stock climbs. (March 20, 2013)

Adobe Systems cloud subscription boom fuels stock. (March 19, 2013)

Facebook ads are not very targeted after all; many irrelevant. (March 19, 2013)

Samsung smartwatch plans contrast with Apple’s cautious approach. (March 19, 2013)

Game over for Electronic Arts chief executive. (March 18, 2013)

Apple iTV interest is high, but consumers are leery of product and pricing. (March 18, 2013)

Adobe Systems subscriber count a key metric for Q1 earnings. (March 18, 2013)

Photo: Pebble smartwatch family. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Week in review: Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone launch tops the news

The following is a roundup of my stories from Investor’s Business Daily at

Kickstarter kicked by comedians. (March 15, 2013)

Electronic Arts tops ‘Dead Space’ month for video game sales. (March 15, 2013)

Broadcom, other chipmakers to benefit from Samsung Galaxy S4. (March 15, 2013)

Samsung outspending Apple, other rivals to launch Galaxy S4. (March 15, 2013)

Samsung takes aim at Apple iPhone 5 with Galaxy S4. (March 14, 2013)

‘Veronica Mars’ Kickstarter funding could alter movie financing. (March 14, 2013)

Qualcomm seen as key beneficiary of Samsung Galaxy S4. (March 14, 2013)

Technology firms promote St. Patrick’s Day helpers. (March 13, 2013)

Netflix feature will test limits of Facebook sharing. (March 13, 2013)

More tech CEOs hearing ‘You’re fired!’ Groupon just the start. (March 12, 2013)

Microsoft should stop making Windows RT tablets, admit defeat. (March 12, 2013)

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s book tour: No boys allowed. (March 11, 2013

Samsung aims to outdo Apple with smartphone unveiling. (March 11, 2013)

Photos: Samsung Galaxy S4 launch at New York’s Radio City Music Hall (Samsung photo), Galaxy S4 smartphone, “Veronica Mars” cast photo and cover of “Lean In” by Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Week in review: SI Swimsuit issue, Facebook fatigue, Microsoft EU fine

The following is a roundup of my stories from Investor’s Business Daily at

Google Glass a gift for humorists; Apple, Netflix also mocked this week. (March 8, 2013)

Microsoft’s EU fine called “excessive,” counterproductive. (March 8, 2013)

Kate Upton, Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue conquer all media. (March 7, 2013)

Dell’s plan to go private opposed by activist investor Carl Icahn. (March 7, 2013)

Apple, Samsung crowding out smartphone rivals in two-horse race. (March 6, 2013)

Ka-ching! EU shakes down Microsoft for $731 million. (March 6, 2013)

Microsoft’s Windows 8 turning off PC buyers. (March 5, 2013)

Apple faces dilemma over whether to chase smartphone market share. (March 5, 2013)

Cree LED light bulbs called “groundbreaking”; stock leaps. (March 5, 2013)

Qualcomm, Applied Materials join companies raising dividends. (March 5, 2013)

Facebook fatigue setting in among social network users. (March 4, 2013)

Photos: Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue 2013, Web browser choice screen for European Windows PCs, and Cree LED light bulb. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Week in review: Samsung turns up the heat, Microsoft barks, Apple keeps its cash

The following is a roundup of my stories from Investor’s Business Daily at

Tumblr, Google Glass targeted by humorists. (March 1, 2013)

Best Buy not going private, but Q4 results are upbeat. (March 1, 2013)

Microsoft’s Windows 8 looking like a dog. (March 1, 2013)

IDC has looked at clouds from “both sides now” and sees big bucks. (Feb. 28, 2013)

Jack Benny would have admired Apple’s Tim Cook. (Feb. 27, 2013)

Apple dividend increase likely soon, analysts say. (Feb. 27, 2013)

Apple plans to hold on to its cash pile for now, CEO Tim Cook says. (Feb. 27, 2013)

Apple executives face investor concerns about cash and innovation at annual shareholders meeting. (Feb. 27, 2013)

Is Yahoo’s work-from-home ban a stealth layoff? (Feb. 26, 2013)

Google Store could join the Jerk Store and Scotch Boutique. (Feb. 26, 2013)

French likeliest to have dirty photos on their smartphones. (Feb. 26, 2013)

Yahoo move to bar home-office workers seen as rookie mistake. (Feb. 25, 2013)

Samsung is turning up the heat on Apple, announcing a direct competitor to the iPad Mini (the Galaxy Note 8.0) and making plans to debut its next-generation smartphone (the Galaxy S4) on Apple’s home turf. (Feb. 25, 2013)

Photo: Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0.